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Medical Student Membership

Medical Student Membership

To Become a Student Member

The Academy will accept as Student Members any third or fourth year medical student in medical school in the Philadelphia region.

To be accepted as a Student Member, the medical student must be a medical student in good standing and be recommended by a medical school surgical clerkship director.

Student Members may maintain this membership in the Academy as long as they are in the final two years of medical school, their financial obligations are not in deficit, and they wish to be a Student Member.

  • Admissions to the scientific presentations are free.
  • Medical Student members will receive information about the scientific programs directly, with the opportunity to sign up for dinners, if desired.
  • The cost of cocktails & dinner preceding a scientific presentation, if elected, will be $75.
  • Business attire is required.
  • All member transactions are electronic via email and the Academy of Surgery website.
  • All financial transactions are credit card transactions via the Academy of Surgery website.

If you enjoy the programs of the Academy, and would like to join as a Medical Student Member, Click Here!


Medical Student Member List

2019-2020 Membership

  • Maxwell Kilcoyne – Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

2016-2018 Membership

  • Zachary Wells – Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

2015-2017 Membership

  • Cynthia Kroll – Cooper Medical School/Rowan University
  • Atlee Melillo – Cooper Medical School/Rowan University
  • Karthik Thangappan – Thomas Jefferson University

2014-2016 Membership

  • Shreya Gupta – Jefferson Medical College
  • Jeevan Kumar – Jefferson Medical College

2013-2015 Membership

  • Zachary Senders – Jefferson Medical College